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Are you a veterinarian from an EU/EEA country wanting to work in Sweden? Send us your application today and we will help you in your process. 
We accept your CV and Cover letter in English and match this with current job offers. Job offers can be all over Sweden.
We advice you as well to register for the upcoming online event "Health professionals, veterinarians and teachers for Sweden on the 19th of May. You can send applications directly to Evidensia Sweden that have needs in different clinics from north to south of Sweden.  On the day of the online event you can chat with them live. 
If you are a veterinarian and live in Spain and have the possibillity to come to Zaragoza, Spain on the 18th of May you can listen to an information from Evidensia Sweden and meet them for a short interview. Send your application to
According to our latest figures there is a need of 350 licensed veterinarians in Sweden. Currently, we are in contact with several Swedish employers who cannot find the sufficient amount of veterinarians in Sweden and therefor they have decided, with the help of us, to look for licensed veterinarians outside of Sweden.
When coming to work in Sweden as a veterinarian learning the Swedish language is important. Colleagues can speak English and will initially assist you communicate with customers in Swedish, as well as written administrational tasks. There are several online Swedish lessons that you can start with that can be found on the Web. 
You need to apply for a temporary provision of veterinary services or a veterinary license to be able to work as a veterinarian in Sweden.  Your future employer can help you with this. For more information click on other languages and Animal health staff at 
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Final application date 2022-06-30

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